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4 Essential Benefits of a Custom Web Design

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Before deciding whether your business needs a custom web design or just a templated website, I guess the first thing you thought was: “Do my business need a website to communicate what we do?”. Pretty fast you can realise that it does.

We live in a technology-based world. People spend more time online than what they do on the street, and therefor the main reason for why your business should have a website to communicate what services you offer, what products you sell, etc.

The first conclusion is that your business needs a website. So, you start thinking: “Okay, I need a website. Should I just build a basic and stereotyped website with a basic template? Or should I hire a designer to build a custom design based on my business brand, idea and style?”. Well, my friend if you are here reading this post, it’s because you are trying to find out what’s best for your business, and I will help you understand what path you should take.

Why Do I Need a Custom Web Design?


It Makes Your Business Stand Out

As I mentioned before, every day more and more businesses go online to show and communicate what they do, which means the competition out there is big.

How can you differentiate from them?

Why would your customers choose to stay on your website? A custom web design makes the difference. By having a unique and beautiful style, your audience will be engaged from the very beginning once they step into your site. A great user experience is a key aspect nowadays, and usually a basic template website will lack of it. If you go ahead and contact me, I can help you and your business to transform your ideas into a real online asset.

Search Engine Optimised

The second most important aspect of a customised web design is that usually, a professional web designer like me, will plan and build for you a search engine friendly website.

If you are not very familiarised with what search engine optimisation means, you can find more information about it on the Rank Math blog. Rank Math is the best SEO tool out there in my opinion and I use it on all my projects.

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But basically, what a well optimised website will do, is to have an advantage against other websites when someone searches for certain keywords that your business can relate to. Imagine you own a carpentry company, like many other out there. You want search engines like Google, Bing, etc. know about your website and the services you offer, so whenever someone goes online and searches “carpenter near me”, your business pops up on the top results of that search.

Search engines like Google, for example, have certain conditions that your website needs to meet for them to be “happy” about it and push it to the top of the results page. And that’s why, by hiring a web designer (who knows about these conditions) to build a custom web design for you, your business online presence will grow significantly.

Custom Web Design is Scalable

Hopefully, your business will grow in time, thanks to your brand-new website. With a custom web design, you will have the opportunity to adapt it as your brand grows, just by contacting your web designer and asking for their help.

On the other hand, if you choose to build a basic template design, you probably won’t have the possibilities of evolving your site as your business needs.

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Customer Focused

Let your audience dive in the full experience while navigating your website. This will keep them engaged and your brand will be stuck in their mind making them want more of it.

A customised website will include market research to learn about your target audience, compare against competitors, and brainstorm what your potential clients want.

By tailoring your site specifically to target your preferred audience, you will win their trust and keep them coming back, and you can for example, customise your call to actions to target them directly. This can be achieved by a web designer rather than building just a basic template site.


Although you might be already convinced that a customised website is the way to go, I must tell you there is a few drawbacks depending on what your budget is and/or your objectives.

A custom web design can get a bit expensive. Because the process of building the website is more complex than just replacing some images and some texts on a template, you can expect the cost of it to be higher. Hiring a design agency, you can think of spending $10,000 and up. The more extensive your requirements, the more you pay.
There is a cheaper way for getting a custom web design though and is by hiring a freelance web designer. You can expect my professional freelance services to go between $2,000 and $10,000 for a custom design.

A templated design will cost you just a fraction of that, but again, if you are looking for a long term investment and you see your website as an asset that will generate you leads and clients, then the higher price is worth it. Adding all the benefits mentioned above, is more than probable that your conversions are higher if you build a custom website.

Another point to take into consideration is that custom web design takes longer. Depending on how complex your site idea is, it can take at least one month or month and a half before lunching your new asset, the more complex it is, more time it will take.


What is the best decision for your business? That is totally up to you. While some businesses can satisfy their needs with a basic template, others might need unique details or more complex requirements that will make it worthwhile to hire a web designer.

As I mentioned before, a customised web design will give your business a more flexible, scalable, customer focussed, and search engine friendly website than a basic template. Plus you get the opportunity to stand out against your competitors.

On the other hand, you might just need a basic website, and you have a tight budget and timeline, so you end up deciding to go for a templated website.

Whether you need help with a template site, or a customised web design, feel free to book a call with me. I’m a professional freelance web designer based in Sydney, who specialises in building SEO friendly websites which help businesses scale and support their online growth.
Book a 30-minute free discovery call, where I will listen to your needs and objectives, and together we can plan what’s best for you and your business!

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